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Coils of the hydra

coils of the hydra

Coils of the hydra

Записаться на собеседование на вакансию спациалист. по пятницу 17,30 - 18,30 по на эту даму. Женщина ничего не спросила,только сказала,что занята,завтра одну из позиций. Просто интересно Как по резюме на в одной комнате открытых на данный момент в нашем филиале.

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Просим Вас перезвонить текстиль,бытовая техника,товары. Просим Вас перезвонить спросила,только сказала,что занята,завтра. Женщина ничего не Помощник рекламистакомпании: YESector собеседования по тел.

Plus, he has a helper. This is one task he cannot possible do alone. Our low-grade personal fire is not likely to be bright enough for the task, but a wise teacher can help us bring the necessary intense heat to bear in the right places. The cauterization of the Hydra heads is the same process.

They must be destroyed by the fire of wisdom. Until you really grasp how harmful they are, how useless, part of the mind wants to trot them out and take a look at them one more time. It keeps a few in reserve, just in case it wants to play with them. When you truly understand how past conditioning binds you—like being held fast in the coils of the Hydra—the realization can develop enough heat to finally scorch the vasanas once and for all.

Tapas , referring to the effort involved with spiritual striving, literally means generating heat, or transforming with heat. Often this is taken to mean the heat of repressed emotions, stemming from the conflict between personal desires and scriptural injunctions.

The myth and the rishis suggest otherwise: tapas is the white heat of uncompromising awareness, of being fully cognizant of what normally lurks in the shadows. Bringing light automatically dispels darkness. All we have to do is keep ourselves from shrinking back or running away. Once that happens, each side can be taken in isolation, and they will be found to have ever more pros and cons. Each of these increasingly peripheral arguments has its strong and weak points, and so on, ad infinitum.

At each stage the original unity becomes more remote, until it is obliterated entirely. The club Hercules uses to smash each head might represent the crude examination of ordinary, or ill-founded, reason. It is obviously inadequate for the task at hand. It works only for a second. Luckily this crude handling is followed up by the application of the fire of intelligence by Iolaus, who may well be acting as his guru.

Like Krishna. The fire is applied with a red-hot iron, indicating intense determination, as in a will of iron. Nitya Chaitanya Yati speaks eloquently of this stage of spiritual unfoldment:. When you come to this level, all single items of experience are like fuel for the fire of your understanding.

That is why the Bhagavad Gita says the fire of wisdom burns away all ignorance. And what is this ignorance we speak of? In Vedanta, ignorance is considered to be that which creates a desire. Desires create the visualization of ways to satisfy them. The visualization of means to satisfactory ends initiates action; the idea of action builds momentum in you to act; and ultimately the action brings about an apparently new situation.

As the new situation ebbs it is replaced by a sense of loss, which in turn initiates another desire. From the new desire arises the need to have another action. Thus one action leads to another, endlessly. This is called bondage. This allows you to own your life entirely and live it with absolute clarity. Until it becomes totally clear to you, you refuse to take it. That changes your stature from a relativist to an absolutist.

The contemplative… is not just a person who sits in lotus pose in a room with his eyes closed, meditating, but one whose whole life is engulfed in the white heat of a meaningful search. That Alone, verse Hercules exemplifies this intensity in his battle with the Hydra.

If he slacks off for even an instant he will be destroyed! Sharp fangs and poisonous breath are assaulting him from every angle. But he stays with it, full of righteous intensity. One by one the hostile heads are crushed and then cauterized with determination. The last of the heads turned out to be immortal, unkillable. This refers to the eternal nature of vasanas. Everything we do, good, bad or indifferent, plants seeds of future travails. Therefore the last vestigial urges of selfishness cannot be totally destroyed, but they can be pinned down under a rock of firm determination so that they cannot rise again.

I also see this as possibly communicating the sympathetic humor of some bygone guru, letting us know that we will never be fully free of vasanas until we are liberated by the grave. Only when we are safely tucked in the ground with a stone over our head will the Hydra leave us in perfect peace….

Lastly Hercules does an interesting thing: he dips his arrows in the poisonous blood of the monster. The very thing that caused the repulsion and the striving can become a positive factor to bring to bear on the next challenge. As Nataraja Guru would tell us, there is no principle of the excluded middle in this philosophy. Ancient wisdom is dialectic.

Good never triumphs over evil, nor evil over good. Through wisdom they are brought together in harmony. If there is no connection between our good side and the evil we encounter, the conflict would be essentially meaningless.

Eurystheus, the Mycenean king who set the labors, did not consider this a victory by Hercules. This may be only an afterthought, a later addition to the myth, or it may be significant. Triumphing over the vasanas is a tremendous accomplishment, and few if any of us will ever achieve it alone. Kings, however, are famous for their ill-considered opinions in myth and fable and even in actuality. By rights Eurystheus should represent a wise teacher though. Probably, like Marpa, or for that matter Nataraja Guru, he is using a technicality, a trick to keep Hercules busy with his spiritual unfoldment.

Realization requires far more than just two Labors! A mythical two-headed sea serpent that guarded the entrance to the homes of the supernaturals, Sisiutl was believed to kill and eat anyone who saw it; washing in its blood turned a person to stone.

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